WinPIM Updates

Here is only latest year's updates history. More updates history is available in WinPIM Help file. In the past 10+ years, we keep on developing WinPIM to make it better. We often release a new version in one or two months. And we offer 2-year of FREE upgrades protection.

WinPIM v13.0 (Mar 11, 2014)

1.[NEW] Merged Diary into Note.
2.[NEW] Screenshot supports Hotkey. Add Arrow tool in Screenshot.
3.[NEW] Can insert Todo List in Note.
4.[NEW] Can Link Contacts in Note.
5.[NEW] Can set Page background color and background picture in Note and Mail.
6.[NEW] New Design Note and Mail window.
7.[NEW] Mail address can input multi-contacts quickly.
8.[NEW] New design Access Window
9.[NEW] Change Link Contacts in Appointment and Task window.
10.[NEW] New design Contacts Details page.
11.[NEW] New design Contact Brief page. Support Photo.
12.[NEW] Show numbers in Contacts and Note tree view.
13.[NEW] Can Hide Unavailable Functions.
14.[IMPROVED] Convert all formats to HTML format in Note.
15.[IMPROVED] Improve Data Server access performance.
16.[IMPROVED] Improve mail functions.
17.[IMPROVED] Minor improves and fixes.

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WinPIM v12.90 (Dec 23, 2013)

1. [NEW] Show Contact real name when show mail.
2. [NEW] Can Remove Font Background color in HTML editor.
3. [NEW] Right click to Save Picture As in HTML editor.
4. [NEW] Add Default Format setting in Diary and Note.
5. [IMPROVED] Improve IMAP performance.
6. [IMPROVED] Remove Mail Server management, list all mails quickly.
7. [IMPROVED] Improve some Options settings.
8. [IMPROVED] Minor details improved in mail.
9. [FIXED] Mail Attachment may not work.
10. [FIXED] May not access Sub Folder Attachments in Server mode.
11. [FIXED] Move Mapped items problem.
12. [FIXED] Mapped Note problem.

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WinPIM v12.82 (Oct 8, 2013)

1. [NEW] Quick Search Current Group and Sub-groups.
2. [NEW] Customize Note List Fields.
3. [IMPROVED] Calendar performance improved.
4. [IMPROVED] Time shows in list view more friendly.
5. [IMPROVED] Add new mail's subject automatically when add attachment.
6. [FIXED] Mass data may cause overflow problem.
7. [FIXED] Some mail's attachment can not be parsed correctly.
8. [FIXED] Sometime can not receive some mails from server.
9. [FIXED] Calendar bold dates may not show correct in Tasks view.
10. [FIXED] Time zone problem when import or Subscribe calendar.

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