WinPIM Data Server

WinPIM Data Server can helps you share information easily in your LAN (Local Area Network) or over internet. It also provide a very safe information sharing solution.

Why Use Data Server?

Share information with users anywhere outside your office via internet.

Do NOT share Data Folder with other computers, so users on other computers can NOT DELETE data files directly, it can also avoid attacking of network viruses.

With Data Server, all changes will be refreshed on each client simultaneously. 

Four Steps to set up the WinPIM Data Server:

1) Choose your server computer.

If you just want to set up WinPIM Data Server for your LAN (Local Area Network) users only. You can choose any computer in your LAN as data server.

If you want to set up WinPIM Data Server for INTERNET users, you should choose the computer which connected to Internet directly as your data server. A DSL or faster connection is strongly recommended.

2) Install WinPIM Data Server on your server computer.

3) Select WinPIM Data Folder to share with other users.

If you do not have a WinPIM Data Folder on your server. Install WinPIM on your server computer. On server computer, launch WinPIM, create a Data Folder, for example, the folder is 'c:\wpdata', then create an User account for that Data Folder in WinPIM. Then Exit WinPIM.

On server computer, launch WinPIM Data Server, click '...' button to select WinPIM Data Folder: 'c:\wpdata'.

4) Set your Server type and Start.

Select the server type as LAN or INTERNET. Then click Start button. Write down the Server Info for other computers.

Log on Data Server:

On other PCs in the LAN or Internet, install WinPIM v7.70 or later, in WinPIM Login window, select Data Server option, then input your Server Info. Then you can login WinPIM as usual.

Only Workgroup Edition or trial WinPIM can login Data Server. Personal Edition can NOT login.

Internet Firewall:

If you installed Internet Firewall on your server PC, you should allow Data Server program access internet and act as a Server program.

If you installed Internet Firewall on your client PC, you should allow WinPIM program to access internet.

Trial Version

You can try full functional Data Server program for 7 days. If you like it, please purchase your license. Tech support and upgrades are free for 2 years.

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