Sync for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC:
* Support all versions of Windows Mobile and Pocket PC devices.
* Sync Contacts, Appointments, and Tasks.
* Support Sync Filter and can choose Sync items.
* Support Sync data and Merge data method.
* No conflict with other sync programs.
Size 237 K, Price $29.95
What does Data Sync means?
Data Sync means let both sides data keeps same and up to date. When one side add, modify or remove data, the changes will also be taken place on the other side after the Sync operation. Even changes were happened on every side, the data will also be same after the Sync

Can I have a try before I buy to these Sync add-ons?
There is no evaluation version available, you need to buy it to Sync data, and you can ask for a refund in 30-day if it does not work. However we have placed these Power add-ons under our own scrutiny and have many happy owners of this utility who are using it successfully with their WinPIM.

My device does not support WinPIM's contact Group Tree, how does WinPIM organize my data when sync?
Your device support Category, we provide a program to convert WinPIM group tree information to categories for better organize. It's FREE. Download Now