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There is fierce competition out there in the field of Organizer Software but WinPIM remains one of the best due to it's simple multi-user network system and perfect balance between attractive interface and powerful features.

Contact, calendar, appointment and diary are all a breeze to set up and edit (a handy bunch of wizards make sure of this) while offering a superb range of fields to play with. You can create groups and drag & drop freely to organize large of Contacts. As well as standard links to your browser and e-mail program, searching and dialer WinPIM can also generate useful summaries for your contacts perfect for printing. The Appointments and the Tasks makes your time usage more productive and more rewarding. The Diary supports rich-text format contents, you can even add more than one diary to one day. And if they aren't enough you can add your own data into the 'information' section which makes WinPIM limitless in what it can store. And with SMS Messenger WinPIM provided, you can even send your calendar to your mobile phone.

Easily one of the simplest and most attractive Organizer Software on the market, WinPIM is perfect for personal use and more than sufficient for most professional users as well. As an added bonus you can download some reminder skins - oh joy!

WinPIM software has great Personal Information Manager (PIM) features for time and contact management. You can download a fully-functional version to try with no missing or disabled features. Some of the features you will find are:
Contacts, Appointments, Tasks, Diaries, Notes all-in-one.
Multi-users can login the same data folder, each user has their own access, all data can be shared and used simultaneously by others on a network.
Storage full contacts information and tree view groups enable you track and organize the contacts easily.
Drag and drop functionality makes it a snap to schedule appointments or create to-do items.
Prioritized to do list helps you get everything done, including the items you didn't finish yesterday.
Rich text format diary supported and you can even create more than one diary to one day.
Keep the note always on top to reminder you.
Stand alone Reminder with multi-accounts email checker.
And much much more! Visit the WinPIM features page for more information!
Pricing and Purchase
WinPIM software is US$39.95 per user for Personal Edition or US$59.95 per user for Workgroup Edition. We license by user, not by computer or database, so if you are the only user, you can pay one low fee and legally use this program at home, at work, and on your laptop.

WinPIM Personal Bundle - Include: WinPIM Personal Edition, Sync for Palm, Sync for Pocket PC, Data Folder Sync, Sync for WAB, Sync for Outlook Buy at $149.7 $79.95 (Save $70)

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