WinPIM is a professional personal information manager (PIM). It is a best tool to manage your Contacts, Anniversaries, Diaries, Appointments, Tasks, Notes or any other information. WinPIM also gives you an easy and low cost network solution for sharing all data simultaneously with everyone in your workgroup!

Storage Contacts Information, Link them and Track them

With WinPIM Contacts, you have a place to store e-mail addresses, home and work addresses, phone and fax numbers, birthdays, photo and family members, individual and business Internet addresses. You can also link directly to them from your Contacts. You can even customize many fields names to your requirements. You can associate appointments or tasks to the contact action to track them. You can import CSV or vCard (Business Card), so you can exchange contacts between WinPIM and many other programs. WinPIM also provides you 3 styles for printing the contacts.

Create Groups for better organization

The best way to organize large of Contacts is to create groups. You can even build Tree Structure to organize your contacts easily. You can also Drag & Drop contacts or Copy - Paste contacts as you do in Windows explorer.

Use Calendar to manage your time

You can manage you time WinPIM Calendar. You can also import many different countries holidays or schedules into your Calendar. The calendar provides Month view, Week view, and Day view. And a Time Bar is also provided to let you have a glance of the usage of your time.  Of course, the Reminder can remind you every important appointment. And you can print them out if you like.

Keep your memory with Diary

Not only you can write and organize diaries, but also you can find and print diaries. The diary support rich format text, so you can storage all kinds of things in your diaries, such as pictures or sounds. You can even write more than one diary in one day, and select a cute icon to the diary.

Use Plan to Manage and Track your Tasks

Full functional and easy Plan view can manage and track you tasks. You can set Priority, Due Date, Color or even attach files to your task. The Reminder will remind you the important tasks or unfinished tasks. You can select to view Finished Tasks, Unfinished Tasks or Out of date tasks in your view. And you can view the tasks Yearly, Monthly, Weekly or Daily. The easy drag & drop function let you start a Task or Appointment quickly. For large project, you can also add sub-task for better management.

Storage and Find Extra Information

Write your notes anytime and any way. WinPIM provides you Simple Text note, Rich Text note and HTML note. The simple text Note can be always on top to remind you important note. And you can storage and manage extra and important Note in rich text note. Some useful information such as Zip/Area Codes, Metrology, and World City to look up quickly.

Share and manage emails

More than time and contact management, WinPIM is also a excellent email client. It supports POP3, SMTP, eSMTP protocols, HTML mail, SSL connection. It was designed to handle multi-user and multi email account. A workgroup can share and mange a same mail account at the same time.

Share Information simultaneously in network

WinPIM gives you an easy and low cost network solution for sharing all data simultaneously with everyone in your workgroup! You can share data with WinPIM Server or just share in peer to peer network. You can share all the information you set in WinPIM, include: Contact, Calendar, Task, Diary and Note.

You can even share information with any users anywhere via internet with Data Server!

Other Features

  • Multi-Users supported. Every user has its own access and information.
  • Password protected. The password is needed when Login.
  • Advanced email module and multi-accounts email checker.
  • Send remind information to your mobile phone or pager.
  • Automatically backup function.
  • Changeable Reminder Skin.
  • Can work with your PDAs and other software.
  • Full functional Shareware.
Many of our customers have found that WinPIM is much more than a software product; rather, it is a process that can potentially take our lives from chaos into order. Initially, you may only use the most obvious features of WinPIM. Over time, as your organizational requirements expand, you will discover a wealth of additional features and capabilities that are waiting for you when you are ready for them.

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